New Altendorf F 45 and new WA 80 at Holz-Handwerk.

The completely redesigned Altendorf F 45 unveiled in 2015 will be appearing at the Holz-Handwerk trade fair for the first time this year. Visitors can look forward to seeing what amounts in technical terms to a new beast entirely: from the machine frame to the motors to the control units, all key components have been updated to the latest state of the art. The old model names have also fallen by the wayside as Altendorf moves to a new product policy based much more around modularity and versatility in configuration. Now all configurations go by the same name: F 45. Changes have also been made to the WA 80, which features an impressive new basic specification package and new options as well as increased saw blade protrusion (150 mm).

New F 45 with CNC axes and two-way tilting saw unit.

Altendorf's F 45 redesign overhauled the entire control concept, among other features. All machines now share the F 45 name, as the only fundamental difference between the various options is the control unit. Altendorf now offers three different control units and the choice of control unit is the first key decision customers have to make. Whichever they choose, however, they can count on four CNC axes, as all three units offer this feature. This increases flexibility and convenience in use enormously.

The unique two-way tilting saw unit is available as an option for every F 45 series machine irrespective of the choice of control unit. The only prerequisite is that the corresponding hardware options are selected.

Altendorf F 45 garners another iF Product Design Award.

Altendorf continues to hit the right notes in design too: the new F 45 received the iF Label in the product design category in this year's edition of the iF DESIGN AWARD. The jury of international experts praised the way it combines functionality with modern materials, design and use of colour in particular and identified the modular nature of the configuration options as epitomising modern pragmatism.

The latest achievement means that Altendorf has now won this prestigious design award eight times, underlining the company's special position in the woodworking industry. One of the most sought-after international accolades for professional product designers, the globally renowned iF DESIGN AWARD is presented annually. The 2016 edition attracted 5,295 submissions from 2,458 contestants in 53 countries.

The new WA 80 - new colours, new versatility.

The new WA 80 has received a makeover in anthracite to bring it into line with the modern look of the Altendorf stable. By no means all of the changes made in this latest revision are superficial, however: most noticeably, the WA 80 has gained an increased saw blade projection of 150 mm (previously 130 mm), a feature that will undoubtedly increase its appeal to processors working with solid wood. Users also now have a wide range of additional options that together promise significantly greater versatility in use. Among several other options, all manual Altendorf crosscut fences are now also available for the new WA 80, for example. The basic specification for the WA 80TE and WA 80X have been revised too. Both versions now boast a 4 kW primary motor and the 90° crosscut fence, while the rip fence includes fine adjustment as standard. The first of the new WA 80 models will be ready to leave the Minden factory from mid-April.