Our contact persons

Are you interested in a new machine, do you need information about the order status or just brochures? We're here to help.

There is an Altendorf for everyone.

First the work, then the pleasure - that was yesterday. We combine both with our sliding table saws.

We have the right machine for everyone. Ask us today for a non-binding offer. Or just put your own machine together - for example with our new F 45 configurator.


You need information about your order, have questions about your offer or our current delivery times? Then the colleagues from the sales department are the right contact for you.


Christian Kollet
Sales Manager Internal Sales
Tel. No.: +49 571 9550 110
E-mail: c.kollet@altendorf.de

Irene Kluger
Sales management
Tel. No.: +49 571 9550 122
E-mail: i.kluger@altendorf.de


Here you will find our contact persons for abroad. We work with many dealers worldwide - should the requested country not be there please look here.


Stephanie Johnston-Biggs
Area Sales Manager
Italy, Spain, Portugal, France,
Great Britain, USA, Canada
Tel. No.: +49 9550 121
E-mail: stephanie@altendorf.de

Sven Gunnar Kostross
Area Sales Manager
Belgium, the Netherlands, Iceland,
Luxembourg, Scandinavia , Finland
Tel. No.: +49 571 9550 120
E-mail: s.kostross@altendorf.de

Heinrich Nickel
Area Sales Manager
Baltic States, Belarus, Poland, Central Asia
Tel. No.: +49 571 9550 123
E-mail: h.nickel@altendorf.de

Marcel Härter
Area Sales Manager
Switzerland Tel. No.: +49 151 11791179
E-mail: m.haerter@altendorf.de

Dominik Adams
Area Sales Manager
Austria, Hungary,
Croatia, Slovenia
Tel. No.: +49 571 9550-557
E-mail: d.adams@altendorf.de

Damien Utges
Area Sales Manager
South France
Tel. No.: 06 13 94 46 00
E-mail: d.utges@altendorf.de

Sébastien Marcato
Area Sales Manager
Southwest France
Tel. No.: 06 99 51 61 25
E-mail: s.marcato@altendorf.de

Andrea Lazzarini
Area Sales Manager
Tel. No.: +39 347 1848464
E-mail: a.lazzarini@altendorf.de


You need brochures or have questions about our company? Then contact us.


Serpil Gausmann
Manager Marketing Tel. No.: +49 571 9550 131
E-mail: s.gausmann@altendorf.de

Michelle Cub
Tel. No.: +49 571 9550 132
E-mail: m.cub@altendorf.de