There is still only one F 45.

Your new Altendorf.

The new F 45 is a masterpiece of technology and design. The comprehensively redesigned machine frame combines absolutely unprecedented torsion resistance with extremely low levels of vibration, while the smooth front and clear foot space on the floor enable you to operate closer to the machine and the workpiece. The famously smooth-running sliding table, which has received a number of design tweaks, remains the undisputed benchmark for precision cutting and minimal maintenance. Complementing these winning features is the eye-level control unit, with which you determine the height and tilt of the saw blade plus, depending on your choice of control package, speed and other functions. The crisp new industrial design underlines the distinctive quality of the Altendorf brand, melding characterful design and timeless aesthetics.

And this is how it works.

Your new Altendorf.

Wave goodbye to compromise: from now on you and only you decide what features your new F 45 will have. Which control unit you work with is entirely up to you, as is the choice of labour-saving features. The most important thing to know is that there are three control units available, every one of which (!) allows you to move up to four axes and tilt the saw unit – to either side. And you can choose exactly the options you need irrespective of the control unit selected. The new F 45 is the first and hitherto only sliding table saw to offer you these options. Only one decision have we taken out of your hands completely: whichever control unit you pick for your new F 45, it will be mounted at eye level. This configuration makes the operator's life much simpler, because the swivel-mounted display is always visible from any working position – even from the right-hand side of the saw blade. Fit out your new F 45 to your precise requirements: it really is time to wave goodbye to compromise.

Basic specification

Motorised rise/fall and tilt adjustment

Motorised rise/fall and tilt adjustment (0 - 46°) for main saw blade with automatic cutting height correction when saw blade tilted

Eye-level control unit

Eye-level control unit, swivel-mounted

Sliding table

Sliding table, table length 3,000 mm

Rip fence

Rip fence, manual adjustment using graduated scale, includes fine adjustment, cutting width 1,000 mm

Crosscut fence

Crosscut fence with fixed 90° angle, manual adjustment using graduated scale up to 3,200 mm

Saw blade projection

Maximum saw blade projection 150 mm, maximum saw blade diameter 450 mm

Motor rating

Motor rating 4 kW (5.5 HP), single speed (4,000 rpm)

Tool clamping system

AKE tool clamping system for the main saw blade

Choose your control unit

F 45 ProDrive

Control up to four axes and more.

The control unit, which swivels where you want it, offers unprecedented ease of use, clarity, safety and convenience. This basic control unit already provides control of all four axes. All values and functions are displayed clearly on the screen, which has a 90 mm diagonal. The green keys give you access to the following functions: saw blade height and tilt (up to 46° in either direction) plus, depending on machine specification, motorised rip fence, motorised crosscut fence, scorer and VARIO (infinitely variable speed control between 2,000 and 6,000 rpm). The white keys are used to enter the numerical values. Obviously the control unit can only control the options you've chosen, so make sure you choose precisely the configuration you need for your Altendorf.

Option details

  • Motorised rise/fall and tilt adjustment (up to 46° to either side)* for the main saw blade with automatic height correction and digital display
  • Motorised rip fence adjustment*
  • Motorised crosscut fence adjustment with one motorised axis*
  • Automatic position correction for rip fence and crosscut fence when saw blade tilted
  • Digital speed display or infinitely variable speed control (VARIO)*
  • Motorised scorer unit, two or three axes*
  • Continuous precision axis control using +/- keys*
  • Control of the vacuum clamping system in the sliding table*
  • Easy axis calibration
  • Machine diagnostics
  • Operating hours counter
  • USB interface
  • "Back" function to recall last set of dimensions entered
  • Memory for 99 cutting programmes

    * optional accessory

F 45 EvoDrive

Efficiency-boosting features already onboard.

The new F 45 EvoDrive has a 7" touch screen with separate keyboard for entering numerical values. It can control up to four axes, including saw blade tilt to either side. What distinguishes it from the F 45 ProDrive is its pre-installed application technology: the F 45 EvoDrive defines inside and outside dimensions automatically from the material thickness data supplied, for example. You also benefit from grooving, incremental dimension and bevel rip features, which should simplify your work considerably - as, indeed, should the compound mitre function and the tool management system. The F 45 EvoDrive lets you store 999 programmes for rapid retrieval via the keyboard too. The green navigation buttons below the screen allow you to move between functions, access the main menu or go back to the previous page. You can also adjust the display to suit different ambient lighting conditions - dark background or light background - so you always have a good view of everything you need. Try the F 45 EvoDrive and discover how we have already done much of the hard work for you!

Option details

  • The F 45 EvoDrive includes all of the functions of the F 45 ProDrive control unit and more
  • Automatic conversion of inside to outside dimensions for the rip fence and crosscut fence as a function of material thickness and tilt angle
  • Compound mitre function with automatic calculation of missing angles/dimensions
  • Enhanced tool management

    • Scorer position memory (three-axis scorer)*
    • Storage of master blade thickness and cutting width
    • Storage of main saw blade speed
    • Memory for a maximum of 100 saw blades

Additional functions

  • Grooving: rip fence positioned automatically step by step to create the groove
  • Incremental dimension function: rip fence moves out or in automatically by a specified distance
  • Bevel rip: the rip fence is set automatically to cut away the required angle from strips pre-cut at 90 degrees, as a function of material thickness and tilt angle
  • Memory for 999 cutting programmes

    * optional accessory

F 45 ElmoDrive

Control technology without equal.

The F 45 ElmoDrive incorporates the most advanced and comprehensive control technology in existence for sliding table saws. Positioned at eye level, it combines optimal ease of use and presentation with practical and ergonomic operation. The calculator, geometric shapes, compound mitre and tool management functions are easily accessed and clearly presented on the 12" touch screen. The F 45 ElmoDrive gives you motorised control of all axes, of course, and the ability to tilt the saw unit by up to 46° to either side.* The lower part of the display can be used to store functions you return to regularly (desktop function) for even more efficient operation. The F 45 ElmoDrive is the only control unit that can be linked with a cut optimisation package. All in all, nothing comes close to the F 45 ElmoDrive for control technology. Day after day after day.

* with corresponding optional equipment

Option details

  • The F 45 ElmoDrive includes all of the functions of the F 45 ProDrive and F 45 EvoDrive control units and more
  • Calculator function, with results transferred to the relevant axes
  • Geometric shapes with automatic calculation of missing angles/dimensions
  • Mitre joints between pieces of different widths with automatic calculation of missing angles/dimensions
  • Interface for connecting to a PC, for example to allow running of cut optimisation programmes*
  • Memory for 9999 cutting programmes

    * optional accessory

The F 45 control units compared.

Configuration options for your new altendorf

Configuration options

Your new Altendorf.

We have always offered an almost limitless range of feature options to help you make an Altendorf your very own, but the addition of the three new control units vastly increases the choices available to you. Every single option in the Altendorf range is compatible with each of the three control units. Such a wealth of choice delivers real benefits for our customers, not least because of the enormous versatility it provides. It obviously also leaves customers with a great many decisions to make, however, and we have therefore assembled four practical combinations of options in a set of handy predefined packages. This allows you to profit from the preferences of your woodworking colleagues world- wide - although you are of course still more than welcome to modify your preferred package as necessary to meet your own specific requirements.

Two-way tilt

Saw unit tilts up to 46° to either side.  The ability to tilt the saw unit up to 46° to either side makes the F 45 an even more versatile cutting machine. It saves time too: there is no need to adjust the extraction hood, which simply moves with the saw unit, and the F 45 completes the entire 90° movement, from full tilt on one side to full tilt on the other, in just 12 seconds. One of the main applications for the two-way tilt function is the sawing of internal mitres, which can be done easily and safely using the crosscut fence. Just as straightforward are simple bevel cuts and compound mitres. The new Altendorf saw unit features impressively robust tilt quadrants incorporating the traditional Altendorf tongue-and-groove connection system too, enabling it to tilt easily and with absolute precision (just as you would expect).
Saw unit tilts up to 46° to either side. The standard drive for this unit is a 5 kW (6.8 HP) motor with infinitely variable speed adjustment (VARIO, 2,000 - 5,000 rpm), but a more powerful 6.5 kW (8.8 HP) motor is available as an option. The synchronous servo motors fitted are up to 15 % more efficient than conventional alternatives with a power reserve of up to 120 %, which means peak power points of 11 kW for the 5 kW motor and 15 kW for the 6.5 kW motor.

M18500incl. 5 kW (6.8 HP) VARIO motor
M51059Additional charge for 6.5 kW (8.8 HP) VARIO motor
M64079Extended cutting height, two-way tilt. The maximum saw blade projection of 204 mm is achieved with a saw blade diameter of 550 mm. We recommend you choose the more powerful 6.5 kW (8.8 HP) motor.


Extended cutting height, two-way tilt. Drives for one-way tilt with manual speed adjustment. The motors are manufactured specially to Altendorf's specifications and have been optimized for use in sliding table saws. They provide up to 20 % more torque than conventional electric motors with no increase in power consumption. The three-speed units operate at 3,000, 4,000 and 5,000 rpm and are adjusted manually.

4.0 kW (5.5 HP), single speed (basic specification)Grundausstattung
M511005.5 kW (7.5 HP), three speedsXXX,00
M511017.5 kW (10 HP), three speedsXXX,00
M5110211 kW (15 HP), three speedsXXX,00
M64080Extended cutting height, one-way tilt. This option is fitted out for one-way tilt with a large extraction hood for a maximum saw blade diameter of 550 mm and a saw blade projection of no greater than 204 mm. The maximum saw blade diameter when used in combination with a scorer unit is 500 mm. Only in combination with a motor rating of at least 5.5 kW (7.5 HP).

VARIO drive for one-way tilt. This drive offers infinitely variable speed control between 2,000 and 6,000 rpm. Matching speed precisely to the material increases not just cutting quality, but also the service life of your saw blades, which, in turn, helps to reduce your costs.

M511035.5 kW (7.5 HP)    Grundausstattung
M511047.5 kW (10 HP)    XXX,00
Special voltages on requestXXX,00

Scorer units

Two-axis scorer unit. With electronic vertical and lateral adjustment, programmable scorer blade height, rapid deploy and retract and 0.75 kW (1 HP) motor (8,200 rpm). For retrofitting only to scorer-unit-ready machines.

M24030One-way tilt, Ø = 120 mmGrundausstattung
M24034Two-way tilt, Ø = 180 mmXXX,00
M24038Scorer-unit-ready upgradeXXX,00
Three-axis scorer unit (RAPIDO Plus). With motorised vertical, lateral and cutting width adjustment, including saw blade, programmable scorer blade height, rapid deploy and retract, saw blade width display and 0.75 kW (1 HP) motor (8,200 rpm). For retrofitting only to scorer-unit-ready machines.

M24032One-way tilt, Ø = 120 mmGrundausstattung
M24038Scorer-unit-ready upgradeXXX,00
RAPIDO scoring system. The scorer ensures chip-free undersides when working with laminated panels. The RAPIDO system makes adjusting the cutting width straightforward and enables this step to be completed in no more than three minutes. This can save you up to 10 minutes as compared with conventional scorer systems because it does away with the tedious process of mounting two-part scorer blades with spacer disks entirely. Adjustment is continuous and precise, so the RAPIDO can be fine-tuned to match the cutting width of any main blade. Range: 2.8 - 3.8 mm.

M24031One-way tilt, Ø = 120 mm  Grundausstattung
M24035Two-way tilt, Ø = 180 mm     XXX,00
M24037LED illumination. Particularly energy-efficient LEDs render the hazard area around the scorer highly visible.

Sliding table

Sliding table. The Altendorf sliding table is renowned for its smooth, precise running. The large dumbbell rollers guide the moving table with absolute precision between the hard-chromed guide bars. Robust though it is, the table responds to even a light touch, gliding smoothly and securely as if on rails. And it retains this ease of movement even after decades of hard work, dust and dirt.

M34201Table, length 2,250 mmGrundausstattung
Table, length 3,000 mm (basic specification)Grundausstattung
M34204Table, length 3,200 mmGrundausstattung
M34205Table, length 3,400 mmGrundausstattung
M34206Table, length 3,800 mm, with floor supportGrundausstattung
M34207Table, length 4,300 mm, with floor supportGrundausstattung
M34208Table, length 5,000 mm, with floor supportGrundausstattung
M37003On/off switches on sliding table (not in combination with TIP-SERVO-DRIVE)Grundausstattung
840 mm table extension (basic specification)Grundausstattung
M410111,200 mm table extension    Grundausstattung
M41012 1,600 mm table extension, with floor supportGrundausstattung
M410132,000 mm table extension, with floor support  XXX,00
TIP-SERVO-DRIVE. The motorised servo drive for the sliding table takes the physical strain off the operator's body, the back in particular, making it very easy to move even the heaviest of workpieces back and forth during cutting. The electronic sensor control handle responds to the lightest of touches, so you can maintain an upright and relaxed posture throughout the cutting operation. The TIP-SERVO-DRIVE cannot be used in combination with the on/off switches on sliding table option or the vacuum clamping in sliding table option.

M64095Vacuum clamping system in the sliding table. Altendorf is the first to apply proven vacuum clamping technology to sliding table saws. The system, which is integrated into the sliding table itself, has at its heart a powerful vacuum pump that generates a vacuum via pairs of suction grippers arranged in the sliding table. The various suction pads positioned along the length of the sliding table can be activated individually at the touch of a button, allowing the vacuum to be matched optimally to each workpiece. Panels of wood, plastic and non-ferrous metals remain securely in position on the sliding table throughout even complex cuts such as angles, long mitres and cuts to an outside dimension. Another touch of a button is all it takes to release the workpiece. Vacuum clamping improves reliability, precision and convenience and helps to eliminate manual operating errors. All table lengths feature the same five pairs of suction grippers. Each pair can be activated separately. Additional pairs of suction grippers are available on request. Not compatible with TIP-SERVO-DRIVE.
Pneumatic pressure beam. This is an ideal solution for securely retaining workpieces of up to 80 mm thick, making it particularly useful when working with long and thin materials such as veneers. It comes in two separately-controlled pieces. A 6 bar pneumatic connection is required.

M64070For 2,250 mm table, clamping length 1,975 mmGrundausstattung
M64071For 3,000 mm table, clamping length 2,725 mmGrundausstattung
M64072For 3,200 mm table, clamping length 2,925 mmGrundausstattung
M64073For 3,400 mm table, clamping length 3,125 mmGrundausstattung
M64074For 3,800 mm table, clamping length 3,525 mmGrundausstattung

Crosscut fences with fixed 90° angle

Crosscut fence with fixed 90° angle. The crosscut fence with fixed 90° angle allows precision cuts on workpieces of different lengths and formats. The fence can be easily slid from the front to back position without lifting. The basic specification includes stops to 3 200 mm, adjustable using the graduated scale.

M44400 Stops to 2,500 mm (only in combination with 2,250 mm sliding table length)Grundausstattung
Stops to 3,200 mm  (basic specification)Grundausstattung
Crosscut fence with DIGIT L. For 1/10 mm accuracy when setting the length dimension. The display shows all stop settings applied. The central measuring and display unit calibrates the entire system in one operation. High-capacity batteries and a charger are included.

M44401Stops to 2,500 mm Grundausstattung
M44403Stops to 3,200 mm Grundausstattung
M64056Additional cross slide with floor support roller. This accessory is well worth considering if you plan to be sizing large and heavy workpieces of up to 250 kg. Recommended floor rail: flat steel, 10 x 60 mm (length = 2x table length + 500 mm). The floor rail is to be provided by the customer. 
M64085Pull-out cross slide extension. This option makes it easier to cut longer/wider workpieces and increases the width of the support area for the manual crosscut fence.

Crosscut-mitre fences

M44404Crosscut mitre fence. This patented Altendorf fence, with integral length compensation, can make both square cuts and mitre cuts. The metre angle can be adjusted continuously over a range of 49° with a graduated scale and the robust, free-sliding zero-play flip stops can be positioned individually at any distance up to a maximum of 3,500 mm. The outer stop docks into the roller-stabilised telescopic extension for distances longer than about 1,700 mm. When cutting mitres, length compensation means measurements to the stops are accurate whatever the angle. Simply slide the fence to the desired angle, line up the pointer with the same angle on the length compensation scale, then set the flip stop to the length required.
Crosscut-mitre fence with DIGIT L and DIGIT LD. For 1/10 mm accuracy when setting the length dimension. The display shows all stop settings applied. The central measuring and display unit calibrates the entire system in one operation. High-capacity batteries and a charger are included. The DIGIT LD also displays the angle digitally, enabling a level of precision of ±1/100°. The length dimension is calculated automatically as a function of the mitre angle. The fence includes integral length compensation, two flip stops and fine adjustment. With integral length compensation. Including two flip stops and fine adjustment.

M44406With DIGIT LGrundausstattung
M44408With DIGIT LDGrundausstattung
M64085Pull-out cross slide extension. This option makes it easier to saw longer/wider workpieces and increases the width of the crosscut-mitre fence. It extends to a distance of 650 mm.

Parallelogram cross slides

M44409Parallelogram cross slide. Accurate and wear-free, this system features a robust 90° locking mechanism that ensures the right-angle position is absolutely repeatable. The fence can be angled by up to 47° in either direction. The integrated digital display shows the set angle with an accuracy of 1/100° for optimal precision. Also included is length compensation, which is simply set using a scale when the fence is angled. Stops to 3,500 mm.
Parallelogram cross slide with DIGIT L and DIGIT LD. Developed specifically for the new parallelogram cross slide, this display unit (90 mm diagonal) shows the distance to all stops digitally at the same time. Length compensation is straightforward once the straight edge has been set to the required angle. The fine adjustment of the distance to the stops is accurate to 1/10 mm, and the angle is displayed as in the standard parallelogram cross slide. This reduces set up time to an absolute minimum. The high-capacity batteries can be recharged very quickly using the integral charger provided. The DIGIT LD displays the angle digitally, enabling a level of precision of ±1/100°. The length dimension is calculated automatically as a function of the mitre angle. Including two flip stops and fine adjustment of the angle.

M44411With DIGIT LGrundausstattung
M44412With DIGIT LDGrundausstattung
M64086Cross slide extension. The fixed cross slide extension (up to 650 mm) with two separate supports makes it easier to saw wider/longer workpieces.

CNC crosscut fences

M44413CNC crosscut fence UNO 90. The CNC crosscut fence UNO 90, which is fixed in the 90° position, allows rectangular for-mats to be cut precisely and efficiently. The flip stop has a maximum travel of 1,900 mm. If greater length is required, the extension supplied can be fitted manually to give a maximum dimension of 2 900 mm.
M44414CNC crosscut fence DUO 90. This fence features two CNC stops with a maximum travel of 3,500 mm. It is fixed in the 90° position. Workpieces can be positioned against either side of the fence. The CNC crosscut fence DUO 90 is not compatible with the F 45 ProDrive control unit.
M44415CNC crosscut-mitre fence DUO FLEX. The DUO Flex fence can be angled manually by up to 47° for easy and convenient square cut and mitre cuts. It includes automatic length compensation and two motorised flip stops (travel to 3,500 mm). It is not necessary to lift the fence to switch between the front and rear positions on the cross slide. Workpieces can be positioned against either side of the fence, which makes it possible to complete compound mitres and mitre cuts at acute or obtuse angles in a single operation. The CNC crosscut fence DUO Flex is not compatible with the F 45 ProDrive control unit.
Cross slide extension. The cross slide extension makes it easier to saw wider/longer workpieces. Total extension to 650 mm.

M64085UNO 90 (pull-out)Grundausstattung
M64087DUO 90 (fixed)Grundausstattung
M64088DUO Flex (pull-out)Grundausstattung

Rip fences

Rip fence with manual fine adjustment. Setting the fence manually is easy; the precision fine adjustment makes for great accuracy. The hard chrome-plated round bar system ensures the fence moves smoothly. The rip fence can be swung away below table level in one action when preparing to divide large panels.


Cutting width 800 mmGrundausstattung
Cutting width 1,000 mm (basic specification)    XXX,00
M44422Cutting width 1,300 mmXXX,00
M44423Cutting width 1,600 mm     XXX,00
DIGIT X. Digital cutting width display for the rip fence with manual fine adjustment. This electronic measuring system ensures rapid and precise adjustment of the rip fence. Recurring dimensions can be reproduced exactly and checked on the DIGIT X display. The correction for the rip fence position is shown digitally on the machine control unit's LCD display when working with the saw blade tilted. The system is not subject to wear and is unaffected by dust. Dimensions are corrected automatically when the fence is switched between the upright and the flat position.

M44430Cutting width 800 mmGrundausstattung
M44431Cutting width 1,000 mm   XXX,00
M44433Cutting width 1,300 mmXXX,00
M44434Cutting width 1,600 mm      XXX,00
CNC rip fence. The CNC rip fence has a traverse speed of 250 mm/sec. and an accuracy of ±1/10 mm. The high-precision five-point recirculating ball screw system is low maintenance and, along with the motor, is well protected by its integration into the aluminium profile. The fence detects its position automatically, especially in the danger area around the saw blade, and has an emergency cut-out to prevent the risk of crushing. Dimensions are corrected automatically when the fence is switched between the upright and the flat position or when working with the saw blade tilted.

M44440Cutting width 800 mmGrundausstattung
M44441Cutting width 1,000 mm       XXX,00
M44443Cutting width 1,300 mmGrundausstattung
M44444Cutting width 1,600 mmGrundausstattung

Further accessories

M44453Toolbox. The practical toolbox is a closable container capable of holding up to six tool carriers (maximum saw blade diameter 550 mm) ready for use. This option requires a minimum sliding table length of 3 000 mm. The basic toolbox includes four saw blade carriers.
M44450Front support roller. The 300 mm-wide front support roller is particularly useful when cutting longer workpieces on the rip fence. It can be folded down through 90° in one movement to stow under the sliding table (minimum length 3,000 mm) when not required.
M44452STEG. The STEG second support makes sizing large panels more straightforward for the user.
M62003Clipboard. Mounted on the eye-level control panel, the clipboard allows you to attach your cutting lists so you have your ongoing jobs in view at all times.

Double-sided mitre fences

DUPLEX double-sided mitre fence. DUPLEX fences make it possible to make mitre cuts at any angle between 0 and 90° with speed and precision. At 45° a mitre cut can be made on both sides of the workpiece without moving the fence. Dimensions are set using a magnifier, a measuring scale and a length compensation scale for frequently recur-ring angles. All DUPLEX fences can be positioned anywhere along the entire length of the sliding table.

M64060Stops to 1,350 mmGrundausstattung
M64061Stops to 2,150 mm


DUPLEX D. The DUPLEX D provides the same functionality as the DUPLEX plus a digital angle display that shows values to an accuracy of 1/100°. Digital angle display and analogue length scale for adjustment, integral length compensation for frequently recurring angles. Batteries included.

M64062Stops to 1,350 mmGrundausstattung
M64063Stops to 2,150 mm


DUPLEX DD. The DUPLEX DD, which has been patented worldwide, not only eliminates tedious calculations and measurement checking completely, but even removes the need for test cuts. Developed exclusively by Altendorf, the high-precision electronics in the DUPLEX DD calculate the length dimension as a function of the mitre angle on both sides of the fence and display both values digitally. Digital angle display and digital length display for adjustment, automatic length compensation. Batteries included.

M64064Stops to 1,350 mmGrundausstattung
M64065Stops to 2,150 mm


Clamping systems

Clamping systems

M64090Manual quick-action clamp. The alternative to the pneumatic clamp. The manual quick-action clamp can be positioned on the sliding table easily and is equally easy to fix in place, ensuring the workpiece is reliably retained on the table and against the crosscut fence. It has a clamping height of up to 200 mm and provides extra safety at very little extra cost.
Quick-action pneumatic clamp.. Secures the workpiece in place on the sliding table. Activated by radio remote control, the quick-action clamp exerts a clamping force of up to 1000 N to retain the workpiece securely against the crosscut fence. It can clamp workpieces up to 170 mm thick. Available with one or two clamping units. Pneumatic connection to be provided by customer (6 bar).

M64091With one clamping unit (clamping range 0 - 90 mm)Grundausstattung
M64092With two clamping units (clamping range 0 - 90 mm)  XXX,00
M64093With one clamping unit (clamping range 80 - 170 mm)XXX,00
M64094With two clamping units (clamping range 80 - 170 mm)XXX,00
M64066Laser cutting line marker. The laser cutting line marker shows the cutting line clearly for all cut lengths, which is useful when trimming or cutting marked jobs such as steps. Use it to save both time and materials.
PALIN. Used in combination with the crosscut fence, the PALIN makes it possible to complete parallel and conical cuts in long, narrow workpieces with absolute accuracy. The measuring system butts against the side of the workpiece rather than the end, so no cutting length is lost and workpieces of differing lengths can quickly be cut exactly parallel without the PALIN having to be moved. The PALIN can be used as an additional workpiece support too if the measuring system is removed. Also available is the PALIN D model, which offers digital measurement display and fine adjustment.

M64058Graduated scale for adjustmentGrundausstattung
M64059Digital measurement display with fine adjustment, batteries included  XXX,00
M64067Coolant spray device. Use of a coolant spray device is recommended when working with plastics with a low melting point and for certain light metal alloys. Your Altendorf will cut nonferrous metals and plastics cleanly, with sharp contours, to within a tenth of a millimetre.

Technical specifications

In simple terms, your F 45 needs:

AManual adjustment: Cutting width + 280 mm
Motorised adjustment: Cutting width + 360 mm
BTable length + 360 mm
CTable length + 290 mm
DCrosscut fence: 1,890 - max. 3,420 mm
Crosscut-mitre fence and Parallelogram cross slide: 1,960 - max. 3,690 mm
CNC crosscut fence UNO/DUO: 2,200 - max. 3,670 mm
Machine weight starting at 1,170 kg, depending on configuration
Table height 910 mm

All measurements are approximate.