A fully featured Altendorf.

What to do when one has little space, plus a limited budget, but quality must still be maintained? When these requirements must be met by a sliding table saw, Altendorf’s answer is: an Altendorf WA 6.

WA 6

The WA 6 is the smallest Altendorf there is. But in spite of its smaller dimensions, its considerable abilities are impressive: with its powerful range of equipment, it stands out even in the smallest space. Outstanding for its cut quality and its flexibility in everyday use. And just as outstanding is the price. So what else is there to be concerned about?

Standard Equipment

Sliding table.

The proven Altendorf sliding table with steel bar guidance.
The machine can be supplied with 1600, 2000 or 2600 mm table.

Rip fence.

The rip fence, smooth and precise. Cutting width: 1000 mm

Crosscut-mitre fence.

Crosscut mitre-fence: for accurate angle and mitre cutting in a single function. Cutting lenghts: 105-2600 mm. Mitre angle infinitely adjustable from 0-49°.

Manual tilt adjustment.

Manual with hand wheel, tilt angle indicated on a scale. From 0 - 45°.

Manual rise / fall adjustment.

Manual with hand wheel.


The scorer. Seperate 0.37 kW scoring motor with on/off switch.

Extraction hood.

Safety hood with extraction hose above the main saw blade for maximum saw blade diameter 315 mm (CE version) or 350 mm (non-CE version). Max. cutting height 100 mm or 105 mm.


  • Drive rating: 4 kW (5.5 HP)
  • Speed: 4200 rpm

Optional Equipment

RAPIDO scoring system

The scorer ensures chip-free undersides when working with laminated panels. The RAPIDO system makes adjusting the cutting width straightforward and enables this step to be completed in no more than three minutes. This can save you up to 10 minutes as compared with conventional scorer systems because it does away with the tedious process of mounting two-part scorer blades with spacer disks entirely. Adjustment is continuous and precise, so the RAPIDO can be fine-tuned to match the cutting width of any main blade. Range: 2.8 - 3.8 mm.

DUPLEX double-sided mitre fence

DUPLEX fences make it possible to make mitre cuts at any angle between 0 and 90° with speed and precision. At 45° a mitre cut can be made on both sides of the workpiece without moving the fence. Dimensions are set using a magnifier, a measuring scale and a length compensation scale for frequently recur-ring angles.

Parallelogram protection device (PSV)

The PSV is supplied with a narrow hood for 90 ° cuts and a wide hood for mitred cuts. They cover both the main and the scoring saw blade. The hood can be adjusted steplessly and self-locking to the respective material thickness.

Exhaust connection: 80 mm

Technical data

Sliding table cutting lengths

Sliding table lengthwith or without scoring saw blade
1600 mm1500 mm
2000 mm1900 mm
2600 mm2500 mm

These cutting lengths refer to mechanical travel, i.e. from end stop to end stop on the sliding table.

Cutting heights

Saw blade diameter in mm250300315350*
Cutting height at 90° in mm0–550–800–870–105
Cutting height at 45° in mm0–380–560–600–73
*Non-CE Version

Space requirements

Your WA 6’s space requirements are as below:

ASliding table length + 220 mm for 1600 mm and 2000 mm sliding table
Sliding table length + 290 mm 2600 mm sliding table
BSliding table length + 220 mm
C873 mm for 1600 mm and 2000 mm sliding table
1273 mm for 2600 mm sliding table
Machine weight450 kg
Table height910 mm


WA 6 in basic specification with:

Sliding table length
Cutting width
1600 mm1500 mm6,100 €
2000 mm1900 mm6,200 €
2600 mm2500 mm6,400 €

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